Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cassis a l' Eau

Cassis, ah what? Let's just call this one cassis (cass-cease) shall we? Or in other words the best -middle-of-the-day-cocktail ever. Not that much drinking goes on in the middle of the day around here, except for iced tea but on rare occasion, I'm not exactly opposed. This drink fits the bill perfectly. It's very low alcohol and fruity and sweet and cold and pink and French. It's too cute for words. I'm not a huge sweet fan when it comes to alcoholic beverages, but I really don't mind this because its so refreshing.

Cassis is used for champagne cocktails most notably. If you were to mix a scant teaspoon into your bubbles you would have a Kir. If you used Chambord (raspberry liqueur) instead of Cassis it would be a Kir Royale. You get the point. The French serve this drink which is cassis mixed with water for another excuse to drink in the afternoon without getting too drunk. Quite funny if you ask me, but hey, whatever works.

OK, so this is sort of a cop-out "recipe" because it's only cassis, which is black currant liqueur and water but I'm telling you, I was so impressed that I just had to share it with you. It would be great at a brunch or wedding shower or if you are hanging out in the middle of the day with Danielle Heit, er, or one of your friends and doing absolutely nothing but watching your little ones tattle and hit each other with trucks while trying to force an apology while the other little boy is screaming in the corner. No wonder we were ready for cocktails!

Cassis a l' Eau
adapted from Barefoot in Paris

Makes 1 drink

6 tablespoons creme de cassis liqueur
3/4 cup water

Fill a tumbler with ice. Pour in the cassis and water and stir

How chic is that? And I love Danielle's wedding ring in this pic!