Thursday, January 6, 2011

Trendy Blog Award


Jhen Stark from From Here To Eternity extended her grace and awarded me my very first blog award! I'm thrilled!

So in honor of this award, I'm passing it to 5 others...

Debi- The Truth About Motherhood (becuase she is funny and trendy as I'll get out! :)
Laura- The Cooking Photographer (because cooking is trendy and her pizza is fabulous!)
Chris- Epic Parent (because trying to be an upright, Godly parent is always cool in my book)
Aubrey- We Eat, What Else Is There? (because she cooks, and eats, which are my fav things)
Kel- Then There Were Five (She already got one of these but she deserves another for helping me figure this linking stuff out!)

Now all you have to do to pass receive this award is pass it to 5-10 other bloggers who are trendy and leave a link to the Trendy Blog button so they can grab it. Here is the link

I'm in the middle of trying to re-vamp my site so I have not posted in the last couple days. I'll be back in business soon. Thanks for being patient with me!


  1. Krysta thank-you!!! You're pretty rockin' yourself and deserve this one.


  2. YAY! You got this! I was hoping you'd see it! I'm still attempting to try your recipes!!! I'll let you know how it goes (I'm not a good cook!)

  3. Thanks to both of you! Jhen, I love that you are attempting though! I bet you are much better then you give yourself credit for. Practice makes perfect! Let's hope I remember that bit with my camera snapping skills!