Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cucumber Mint Hummus and Getting To Know You


I want to get to know you a little bit. I have some new people commenting and a few followers that I don't know very well and I would like to remedy that! I'd love to hear from ALL of you! If you have the time or find this exercise fun in any way, oblige me and answer in the comments section. In turn, If you read another persons answers that you like, go on over and check out their blog. I have the best little network going on if I do say so myself. I have already answered the questions myself.

Wanna play? In the comments section, answer the following 6 questions about yourselves. I want to hear from anyone who is willing, even if you are my best friend and I see you every other day, and even if I don't know you from Adam. Because then I will know you. I'm totally weird about making friends in real life. It has to happen organically under very natural circumstances. As I like to joke "conditions have to be perfect". This is because I really dislike shallow relationships. I'm not spread real wide, but I go deep, baby! Anyhow, I'm a lot more friendly over the Internet, so I'd like to take advantage of that. :)

1) Describe yourself in 5 words:

-straight-up (what you see is what you get. I wear my emotions on my sleeve)
-spunky (not so much in an excitable, physical way, well sometimes, but more so verbally)

2) If you could eat anything in an elaborate sit down dinner with your significant other what would you eat/drink? And where would this take place?

This would take place on the beach, complete with candles, tiki torches and white linen. We would be alone, except for the waiter serving us. We would eat a long course after course dinner under the stars. Too hokey? We would drink good champagne and eat a big fresh lobster dinner. Usually I'm a shrimp or white fish girl, but today, it's lobster with lots of lemon and butter. For dessert we would have some sort of tropical bread pudding with mango, coconut and Tahitian vanilla beans.

OK so that's the dinner dream. I also have a vivid lunch dream. I dream about food a lot.

Jeremy and I would be at a casual beach cafe (I'm on a beach kick) right on the sand, no floor. There would be a live reggae or calypso band playing. I would be in the cutest dress with a great tan, but that's just a side note. We would sit and drink cold beer or margaritas and eat from the fresh seafood BBQ they were having right on the beach. We would hang out all day. There would also be fresh tropical fruit platters for snacking. After sunset we would dance by the bonfire the restaurant lit with the live band that was still playing...What? It could happen. And if any of you know a place like this please, let me know!

3) Top five places I want to visit someday:

-Italy (Rome, Venice, Tuscany, Almafi Coast, Capri...OK well, all of it, really)
-Paris, France
-The Holy Land

Um, Greece should be up there too. It used to be #2 where Bali is, but have you seen Bali??? It's ridiculous gorgeous! Oh, so is Thailand. OK, so top 7 would include those too.

4) What are things most important to you in this life?

In order. My relationship with God, or as I like to call him, "The Lord". My relationships with my husband and family. Then, friends and people in general. I'm realizing how important relationships are. I am aspiring to learn what loving your neighbor is really all about and what that looks like.

5) Pet Peeves?

Picky eaters. Also when people use the first letter of someones name instead of actually saying their name. I have a formal side to me that hates this. Example : "Let's see what K thinks about this" instead of "Let's see what Krysta thinks about this". Maddening, I tell you. Maddening!

6) This is your life. Are you who you want to be?

I'm working on it.

And now...A recipe. Gosh, this is a food blog isn't it? This is not regular hummus. It tastes nothing like regular hummus. This is light and refreshing and a perfect "deck snack" as we head into Summer.

Cucumber Mint Hummus
created by my friend Danielle Heit, hummus extraordinaire

2 cans garbanzo beans (chick peas) drained and rinsed
1/4 cup tahini
juice from 2 lemons
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 an English cucumber (sometimes called "hot house cucumbers") skin on, chopped
1/2 a container of mint leaves (about 15-20 medium sized leaves)
1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil

Place all ingredients except olive oil in a food processor and blend until combined. While still blending, stream in olive oil a little a time and then continue to blend for at least a whole minute to make sure it's really smooth. Taste and add more salt or mint if you wish.


  1. What a good idea K!! HAHA just kidding KRYSTA.

    Because I don't have much of an attention span right now to answer all of the questions, can I answer a few? I do what I want in this comment space (are you getting a good picture of who I am?! lol)

    #1. outgoing, caring (I too wear my heart on my sleeves), motivated, impatient (had to.)

    #3. Africa, Thailand, Greece, Bali (Agreed), Australia...I could go on..

    #5. Pet Peeves? Not loading the dishwasher from the back to the front, negative nancy's, bad drivers.

    As for the food questions..I EAT IT ALL.

  2. 1. -crafty -friendly -hungry (I'm a little thing, but I can put it away!) -thoughtful -devoted

    2. Can my dream also be my reality? My favorite kind of food is breakfast food, and my hubby and I recently discovered Julienne's in San Marino. You know where "Father of the Bride" was filmed? This is around the corner. It's the cutest outdoor cafe with the most AMAZING candied bacon to go along with blueberry compote pancakes and lemon curd. Gosh, this is torture! Anyhow, the setting is perfect out on the sidewalk, with lazy rich people strolling by, and great service (and since it's Southern California, the sun is always shining). YUM!

    3. -France (for the food) -China (also for the food) -Prince Edward Island (channeling Anne of Green Gables) -Peru -Norway (My husband's origins)

    4. Mine are similar: God, husband, family and then community. And then crafting and eating if I'm allowed such a shallow answer.

    5. People who get mad at Southern California drivers. (They're all idiots, let's accept it and move on.) Secondly, I can't stand Southern California drivers. It's a catch 22 really with me and driving.

    6. Not yet. But that's a great question. Because we live in tension between being content with who we are and striving to become the best version of ourselves. I feel that tension daily!

    Thanks Krysta! It's been fun getting to know you and I LOVE all the recipes, so keep em coming!

  3. I love this challenge, because I am nosy. So, here I am:

    1. emotional, sensitive, organized, healthy, motivated
    2. crepes de ja vu (sausage, meunster cheese, cinnamon apples with maple syrup) with omelettes and champagne, in bed with my hubby, at a B&B in new england
    3. I have done a bit of overseas traveling, but I have Egypt and turkey on my list still, and then I would like to visit the west coast (wine country, baby). I think that adds up to five!
    4. my faith, my family, my close friendships. I think that last one is something you gain deeper appreciation for in your thirties.
    5. misspelling/bad grammar, self-pity, whining
    6. No, not yet, but I am working on it, too, and I am proud of that.

    As for the recipe, I can't wait to try it. I have TONS of mint in my garden- what a refreshing way to use it up!

  4. hmmmm

    1. OCD (cleaning), Loud, honest, funny, slave to fashion
    2. Pasta of course, with a cream sauce, asparagus lightly salted, salad. Followed by breakfast food and something a popsicle. :) AND this would all be at a cafe overlooking the Amalfi coast.
    3. Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, Vancouver, Alaska
    4. My true love, the chitlens, friends, faith, connection (not in any particular order)
    5. opening day old tupperware containers that my husband has conveniently forgotten about. I almost throw up. :( , whining, bad communication from speakers, taxes...the list goes on.
    6. I am stealing Amy's answer....that's what I was going to say. TENSION I tell you!!!

    And I love your number 5 Krys...cuz that's what I do and am. are we friends? :) hahahahahahaha

  5. Fun! I like this a lot! And I need to try that hummus recipe. Looks delish! Great job, Danielle!

    1) Describe yourself in 5 words
    emotional, creative, outgoing, non-opinionated, mothering (to everyone!)

    2) If you could eat anything in an elaborate sit down dinner with your significant other what would you eat/drink? And where would this take place? I love your beach idea. But definaly outside with candles. I would eat fish and things with truffles and lots of cheeses. Hubs would eat steak because he doesn't experiment with food at all! And Malbec. My fave wine.

    3) Top five places I want to visit someday:
    Bora Bora
    The Cook Islands

    4) What are things most important to you in this life? God. My family. Being a great mother and wife and raising good children.

    5) Pet Peeves?
    Toilet paper not being replaced. :)

    6) This is your life. Are you who you want to be?
    No. I have everything I want in life, but I don't think I'll ever be the perfect person I want to be! I will just continue to try.

  6. love the salad..

    New to ur space and Happy to follow u !

    Do visit me as time permits !

  7. That was a great recipe.. I didn't have time to create one :) but the cucumber mint and hummus was good.. It reminded me of lamb hummus and mint jelly minus the lamb of course. I usually just cut up cucumber and squeeze some fresh lemon over it and shake abit of sea salt and it is very refreshing, but the mint was great thanks..