Monday, October 17, 2011

Roasted Figs and Prosciutto and The Best Sunday

Prosciutto Roasted Figs

The other weekend my husband and I were sitting out on the back deck one afternoon when he asked what I would do that day if I could do anything. I had to think on it. It was a gorgeous fall day. Bright sun, warm, and magazine in hand, I felt relaxed and content to sit, read, watch the kids play Hmmm. That was a problem. No grocery shopping had been done and there was slim pickings in the pantry department. I finally answered. "If I could do anything today, I think I would stay right here but I would have a huge platter of assorted cured meats, cheese, hearty warm bread, fruit and red wine to feast on all afternoon long." Done and done.

We headed out to our local meat and seafood house to shop. We picked out a nice spiced salami and prosciutto for the meats. Of course I picked prosciutto - If you don't know already, I am kind of obsessed with it. A nice roasted garlic baguette, Stilton blue cheese and a salty but carmely Piave (my most favorite cheese in the world, followed closely by truffle Pecorino) and we were on our way to my favorite Sunday afternoon in a long time. I already had the most perfect peaches and figs at the house just waiting for a time such as this.

I came home and got to work. I sliced peaches and mounded them high on a plate. I wrapped the baguette in foil and warmed it in the oven. I sliced hard salami, and instinctively wrapped some of the prosciutto around halved figs. In the back of my mind I remembered Ina Garten also my favorite roasting figs just like this. I looked up the instructions. I brushed the wrapped figs in olive oil and roasted them at a high temperature. They came out hot, salty, sweet, crunchy and juicy. They were the perfect figs for my perfect Sunday. Next, the wine was poured, cheese was arranged and we were outside ready to partake. I had made a separate plate for the kids to share so they wouldn't be reaching over the wine glasses to get to ours. Jeremy and I invited his parents to join us and we had the best time just enjoying and talking. Jeremy had also made some roasted cauliflower to go along with everything so we would have a healthy element on the table. Behold...

Prosciutto Roasted Figs and Cheese Plate

Jeremy and his Mom

The kids with their plate and "wine"

The Perfect Sunday. Period.

In other news my friend Kel took our pictures this past weekend. This is the sneak peak she sent me.
KEL_6122 copy

I can't wait to see the rest! Stay tuned for that.

Roasted Figs and Prosciutto
adapted from Barefoot Contessa, How Easy Is That?
serves 10

20 large fresh ripe figs
20 thin slices Italian prosciutto (about 8 ounces)
Good olive oil

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees

Snip the hard stems off the figs and cut the figs into half lengthwise through the stem. With a small sharp knife, cut the prosciutto lengthwise into inch-wide strips. Wrap a strip of prosciutto around the center of each fig half, with the ends overlapping. Brush with olive oil and arrange cut side up on a sheet pan.

Roast figs for 10 minutes, until prosciutto is a little crisp and the figs are warmed through. Serve warm.

I feel the need to explain the meat. Not that I need to, but I have told you many times that I don't often eat it. And that's true. But cured meat with wine and cheese is quite possibly the best thing in the world. This is when I choose to cheat. This sort of happiness on a plate is perfection to me. I am a much happier (not to be confused with healthier) person because of it.


  1. How cute are you all! What a cute afternoon. That food looks AH-MAZINGGGG. I can't wait to see the rest of the pics...what a tease!!

  2. prosciutto is my absolute favorite! i've never had it with fig... can't wait to try!

  3. That looks incredible! caroline

  4. oh that is a perfect afternoon love it and great spread of food

  5. yum yum yum!! those figs look really delicious krysta. can't wait to see the photos from the shoot

  6. The sneak peek of the pics looks so awesome! can't wait to see more!

    Totally looks like the perfect Sunday. I don't think I've ever eaten a fig...that should be a crime, I think. They're gorgeous!

  7. I am going to be on a mad search for figs. This would be the perfect dinner, in my opinion. Your family pics are awesome! I know you are so happy with them. You have a beautiful family!