Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Favorite Things Big Christmas Giveaway Winner!


It's Wednesday everyone, which mean I am announcing the winner of my Big Christmas Giveaway! It has been so much fun to host this giveaway and I just might have to make it an annual thing :) A few things before I begin.

1) I chose the winner via I typed in the number of comment received and it spit out a random number for the winner.

2) I immediately went to the blog to see who the lucky winner was. Only problem? When I hit the back button to the site to snap a photo of the winning number (to prove I'm no cheater) the result number was no longer there! So sorry about that. I'll take a picture BEFORE I check to see who the winner is next time. :)

Without further ado, the winner is: Hillary Baldwin

I also shared it on fb my profile is Baking Bad:)"

Congratulations Hillary! I'll be emailing you for your address and your goodies will be arriving soon!


Have a happy Thanksgiving everybody, and thanks for participating. I am especially Thankful this year as this package arrived yesterday:


Thanksgiving traditions come about in various ways. About five years ago my Grandpa invited a single fishing friend over to join our family for Thanksgiving. He also brought Sancerre (a bright and crisp white French wine, with a lot of green apple and grapefruit notes). I loved it so much and it complimented the meal so well that now it's a tradition and I only drink Sancerre on Thanksgiving. Everyone knows and it's a lot of fun. I look forward to it all year.


  1. Congratulations Hillary and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  2. Wow, congratulations Hillary!!!!

  3. I love traditions like this, it's what makes the memories..
    Take care.