Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Raspberry Oatmeal Smoothie

Raspberry Oatmeal Smoothie

Written last night:

Today, I totally washed a (clean) diaper unknowingly with the clothes in my washing machine. This is the worst possible thing to happen to a busy Mom. Have you ever done this? It's happened to me at least twice before and each time the clean-up is grosser than the last! Then, when I went to make dinner, I opened a brand new quinoa bag only to have it spill all over my floor. Clean-up was a nightmare with the dust-buster trying to get every last grain under the mats, under the island, etc. On top of it all, my kid (Olivia) got into the dog's food and water four times today. Four. Clean-up on that was in the realms of spectacular. You could say, it's been a day. On the upside, I quite possibly drank my weight in smoothies and vegetable juices today. Do you know how much juice one would have to consume to do this? A lot.

Raspberry Oatmeal

For starters: I had a green apple, kiwi, almond milk, blueberry and orange smoothie for breakfast.

Then I made a berry-spinach smoothie for lunch (raspberry and blueberry, orange, banana, spinach and water)

Berry-Spinach Smoothie

Next, because I did only have fruit and vegetables for lunch, I decided to make the raspberry oatmeal smoothie to share with my son (raspberries, oatmeal, coconut water, banana, plain yogurt). I put his portion in the fridge for when he woke up from nap.

Raspberry Smoothie

Then, my sweet husband was nice enough to bring me home a fresh vegetable juice from the Bamboo Market. A cucumber, lemon, and kale juice to be exact. It was delicious and I recommend this combo highly.


I am also currently drinking green tea. Bonus points! I didn't plan this. It was all very co-incidental, but I guess you could say after a day like today... girlfriend has some major cleaning-up going on, on the inside too.

I really liked this smoothie because the idea of being able to have oatmeal without actually cooking it first is appealing in itself. But then you add raspberries to it, which is one of my favorite fruits, banana for sweetness, some creamy tang from the protein packed Greek yogurt, then a little coconut water to round it all out and, lands alive, it was good! The original recipe calls for a tablespoon of honey but I opted to leave it out. It doesn't need it, and I'm all for leaving out sugar when it's not necessary.

The color of this smoothie is so beautiful, I almost didn't want to drink it. Blend this up in two minutes flat and grab it as you're walking out the door for a super easy and filling no-cook breakfast on the go. Preferably before something or someone gets into the dog food.

Raspberry Oatmeal Smoothie

Raspberry-Oatmeal Smoothie
adapted from Martha Stewart
makes 1 large smoothie

1 cup ice
1/2 cup heaping raspberries (I use closer to 3/4 cup)
1/4 cup plain non-fat Greek yogurt
1 small banana
1/2 cup old fashioned rolled oats (not instant)
1 cup coconut water (or another liquid such as almond milk or plain water)

Place ice and raspberries in the bottom of the blender and add the rest of the ingredients on top. Whir until completely smooth and serve.


  1. Sounds wonderful. I love raspberry everything! :)

  2. And you still managed to write a post...sounds like your hovering around supermom status :) Great looking smoothie in that funky cool cup!
    Take care, I could write a book on what my son gets up to on a daily basis ;)

  3. Fantastic idea for a smoothie! I've yet to try oatmeal in a smoothie. About how long do you have to blend to break up the oats?

  4. I have a vita-mix so it only took about 20 seconds on high, but in a regular blender, I'd say let it blend on high for at least a minute.

  5. Mmmmm! Raspberries!! I will have to try that one.

    Sorry you had one of those days :P Hope today was better :)

  6. Thanks for your recipes!! I am putting together a little smoothie catalog and will add these in :)

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