Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Coconut Water-Lemon Martinis

Coconut Water-Lemon Martini

This is Trudy Roo
Trudy Roo

Trudy Roo guard martinis well
Trudy roo guards the martinis

Very well

Oh, Trudence, you the cutest.
Trudy Roo

Except for my dog, Ham

The end.

Trudy is my Aunt Kellie's dog. She has nothing to do with the martini story other than she was present the night they were consumed and she photographs very well. She is also a beautiful dog who looks nothing like Liza Minnelli and does not have fish breath in the slightest. Not true. I'm also writing this post after drinking said coconut water-lemon martini and, writing about the dog just seems like a better idea than it normally would.

Ah, vodka.

I got this cocktail idea from the devastatingly goregeous Rebecca Romijn who was in this month's Health magazine. I used to be scared of martini's, but given this photo:


And this:

I seem to be coming around. You can make martini's as stiff or light as you like, so if you are scared too, just add a wee bit of vodka and go from there.

Coconut Water-Lemon Martini

Coconut water provides the base for this drink, which has many a health benefit. It's also naturally sweet, so no need for added sugar, and is very hydrating. Technically, you can hydrate while you dehydrate! Lemon juice adds acidity and mixed with the coconut water makes the most refreshing lemonade-esque drink ever. If you are pregnant or don't drink alcohol, this alone will be a great summer refresher. If you likey the vodka like I've learned to, it just adds to the party.



Coconut Water-Lemon Martini

Coconut Water-Lemon Martini
adapted from Health magazine, and Rebecca Romijn
makes 2

You don't really need a recipe. You want juice from 1/2 a lemon to a glass of coconut water and add vodka to taste. But for all of you who need measurements...

1 1/4 cups Coconut Water- we use Zico Brand
juice from a 1/2 to 1 whole lemon
2-4 shots of good vodka or coconut vodka- we used about 3 1/2 shots of Grey Goose

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add coconut water, lemon and vodka. Stir and taste. Add more coconut water if you like it sweeter and more lemon to make it more tart. Place the top on the container and shake it with the ice for 10 seconds. Strain into 2 martini glasses.

Also! I guess he liked it...


Because he put a ring on it!

Congratulations to my sister, Kaylee and Patrick on getting engaged!!! Sorry for the turkey carcass pic, but this was my absolute favorite day with you two.
Nov-Dec 08 073

Our response?
(Cousin Harrison, Aunt Kellie, Me, and my friend Kel who were with me when I got the news)


  1. i love coconut water
    i love lemons
    i love vodka
    mix them together and the end result tastes like ass
    can't seem to find any cocktail recipe that works well with zico.

    1. Try subbing the vodka for coconut flavored vodka.

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  3. i love coconut water.i love lemonsi love vodka
    mix them together and the end result tastes like ass
    can't seem to find any cocktail recipe that works well with zico.
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