Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Krysta's Favorite Things Of Late

Annie's Eats, a well known food blogger does this segment called "What I'm Loving Lately". In it, she profile things that have made her happy. Most of these items are not food! Gaw...The thought of a food blogger writing about something other than food make me cock my head to the right and question, but  it also made me think I wanna play! I wanna play!

So I will

Except,  I'll include the recipes  I'm loving as well. That way, I won't feel totally guilty about the whole stepping out of my well defined space in the food blog world. I'm a rule follower you know.

My favorite things:

1) Mod Cloth's Thread Of Roses Dress. I wore this to a baby shower last weekend and can't get over how well it fits and pretty I feel in it. It's shaped almost exactly like my mint "milkshake polka-dot" dress I bought from Mod Cloth a few months ago. I wore it in family pictures and am tempted to wear both of them for no occasion at all, like a quick run to the grocery store. In fact, I probably will. If you don't know Mod Cloth, check them out. It'll probably be love at first sight.

2) Rebecca Romijn brought attention to Smash Box O-Gloss in the July addition of Health magazine. The gloss goes on clear and works with your skin chemistry to make a custom shade of pink for your pout. Sold, and used all the time up in here.
Smashbox O-Gloss

3) Do you watch Downton Abbey? The first season was good. The second is fantastic. The new phrase in our house is "Lets put the kids to bed and watch a Downton."  And, it's definitely one of my favorite things of late. It's smart, fantastically written, has a stellar cast, and is scandalous in all the ways a 1914 British show can be. 

4) Annie's Eats Strawberry Bruschetta. Do I really need to explain the sheer genius of this simple appetizer? Were all food people here, right? This is perfect for a a ladies night or shower. Loving it.
strawberry goat cheese bruschetta

5) I've been loving my African Black Soap. I have heard about how great for the skin black soap is for a long while now and have finally tried it. This liquid version is perfect used in the shower as a body wash (use a bar for your face). 

6) Mrs. Meyers Geranium Countertop Spray- This makes your house smell like a florist shop for about an hour after you've sprayed it. No joke. I love Mrs. Meyers anything because their products are all natural and good for you and the environment, so go ahead and sniff away.


7) Lulu Lemon's Run Fast and Free Crop and Hot But Not Tank. Zumba class is much more fun with these new purchases of mine. I have the tank in hot pink, but it looks to be sold out. Some of the other colors are still available though. I prefer tight workout pants because when I move, I jiggle less. :) This pair have a pretty little ruffle going up the leg. Such a cute accent.



  1. Great picks on your list! I really need to start watching Downton Abbey. It's one of the shows on my must-see list since I've heard nothing but great things. :)

  2. What a great list of faves! I'm going to add some of those things to my shopping list. Thanks!

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