Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dinner Date Night-In

Jeremy and I needed a break last week. So, with nary a babysitter to be found, we decided to make our own date night at home. The plan was easy. Kids upstairs with a movie and Isabella and Jeremiah would get paid a dollar to make sure Olivia didn't fall off the bed. Pizza and wine from our restaurant, and one long episode of a great TV show for us - Downton Abbey- I've gushed about it before and for good reason. We camped on the couch and I had my hot red pepper flakes ready when we queued up Hulu.


Hulu didn't work.

Phone calls were made.

Then speaker phone chats with technical people while rebooting the network on the tv happened. I ate pizza.

So did Jeremy

45 minutes went by. I checked on Olivia. Then...

At long last. Hooray!

Our episode was awesome. Here, let me tell you about it, because if you know me, you know I can't not. How do you not love Maggie Smith? Here she is grilling "Sir something or other" on whether or not he is good enough for her daughter Rosemund. Much to my surprise, he wasn't. 

This is Lord Grantham and his butler, Carson. They always look tentative and serious like this. 

Ah, the gentlemen gather to size each other up and find out one another's motives, very politely.

Mary tells cousin Matthew something intense but she's really shouting on the inside "I love you, won't you love me, pretty please? Make a move, man!"

But Mary's mother, Lady Grantham, catches them in their quiet moment and clearly disapproves.  But really, she knows they were meant to be. If only Mary wasn't engaged to that other bastard, Sir Richard Carlisle.

Even Matthews mother, Isabel, knows Matthew and Mary should be together and she tells him so while walking home from the graveyard in the rain--for extra drama.

Meet Anna and Bates. Servants and star crossed lovers. Too bad he's in prison being accused of killing his witchy ex-wife. Will he hang?

This is Thomas. He is the bad seed.

Oh, look, he found the missing dog. Whatdoyoknow? Oh, that's right, he stole the dog and pretended to "find" it to gain like-ability.

Carlisle is stunned and pissed when Mary breaks off their engagement because she's hot for her cousin. He threatens to expose her bombshell of a secret. 

Matthew breaks in during their argument and Carlisle and he throw a few punches. Oh my!

As the drama peaks, there is a dance held to honor the servants. Thomas sucks up by asking Granny to dance. What a tool.

Of course Matthew asks Mary to dance

Oh look, they find themselves alone outside

And because this was the Christmas episode (last year) and Christmas episodes are special indeed...he asks a very special question

And she says... ? You'll have to watch.

Just another episode of Downton. 

I've strung you along this far so you'll probably be mad that theres no new recipe with this post. But that's because this is more about the idea of a dinner date night in. We had so much fun, and will definitely do it again. I'm hoping for tomorrow. More interested in making your own pizza for your date? My healthier version of  Pizza Margherita is awesome.

Happy Weekend Everyone!