Friday, September 14, 2012

Cold Brew Coffee + A Yoga Latte Mom

Cold Brew Coffee

A "yoga-latte" mom is someone who wears Lulu Lemon (or equivalent of) workout gear and does -in fact- workout. She gets a vegetarian lunch at her local health food store, drinks green juices and Starbucks, likes to get together with her friends, is involved in some sort of charity or PTA work, likes jewelry, a good cocktail, great cheese, and keeps her fingers manicured. She takes very good care of her family. She does yoga or Barre or zumba, walks or jogs, and is not afraid of a little hard work.

This is the real definition according to my friend Danielle, who made up the term.

Me and Danielle
May-Sept 09 029 (Small)

Danielle will sometimes say things like "I just kind of want to be a yoga-latte mom and help out at the kids schools, do a bible study, workout and lunch and be home"

I just want to smack her sometimes because it's not, like, something we have to aspire to be. The fact is, we ARE yoga-latte moms. By nature we lunch, drink wine and take classes at the gym, hike, and volunteer our time to whatever is needed, whether it be dinner for Young Life or a sick friend, or loving people and maintaining important relationships. We work on ourselves, care about our health, aspire to make a difference, read books, become better people by allowing ourselves to grow. We also wear Lulu, love cheese and cocktails (hello?!), drink green vegetable juice and Starbucks, so I mean, how much more convincing do you need?

Me and Danielle

This my friends, is a very yoga-latte mom thing to make. Why? Well, you already heard about the Starbucks, but this goes beyond that. Cold pressing coffee is said to reduce the amount of caffeine in each cup and reduces the acidity. Plus this method yields a rich, non-bitter and smooth cup each time. It's ideal for those trying to become less acidic and more alkaline but will not give up their morning cup a joe. Without so much bitterness, you can really pick up the delicate flavor notes in the coffee like vanilla or chocolate. And since a yoga-latte mom is always trying to improve her health without having to sacrifice too, too many indulgences, this is a perfect fit.

I love coffee, but I don't like the caffeine or the bitterness. This cold pressing? It tastes like French press coffee, and have you ever had that stuff? Good gracious man, it's from the heavens. People who think they don't like black coffee will probably change their minds right quick after trying this. Although, I can't deny it would be decadent to have a hot steamy mug with a tiny splash of cream. This method is excellent for iced coffee, by the way since it yields such a clear, smooth flavor.

step 1, grind your beans
Cold Brew Coffee

It's easy, easy, easy too. All you need is a coffee grinder and a mason jar or another sealed container. You combine the coffee grounds with cool water and seal. Let it sit together overnight (12-36 hours) strain, and you end up with a concentrate. The longer you let it sit, the better your coffee will be. When you want a cup, you combine a bit with boiling water and voila! Instant real coffee. I'm actually debating throwing out my coffee maker.

step 2, put the grinds in a mason jar
Cold Brew Coffee

step 3, add cool water
Cold Brew Coffee

step 4, seal and let it sit for 10-24 hours. 15-18 hours recommended
Cold Brew Coffee

step 5, the next day, strain your coffee through your coffee filter or a French Press into a clean jar (not shown)

step 6, add 1/2 coffee concentrate to your cup and 1/2 boiling water. Enjoy!
Cold Brew Coffee

I drink this happily. This and my tofu salads and coconut water from the local health food store, because, hey, I am what I am.

But for the record? I am waaaaaay more than my stereotype.

Cold Brew Coffee
adapted from the nourishing gourmet

yields 4-8 cups of coffee

1 1/3 cup freshly ground coffee (organic highly recommended since coffee is a highly sprayed crop)
4 cups filtered water

Combine coffee and water in a mason jar or French press. Stir to combine well. Cover and leave for at least 12 hours and up to 36 hours at room temperature. We left ours for 17 hours (we made it in the afternoon for the next day) and it was excellent.

Put a coffee filter in a fine sieve over a small mixing bowl or 4 cup measuring cup. Slowly pour coffee through the filter. This is your concentrate.

Keep refrigerated. To serve, dilute to your preference.  We like ours at a one-to-one ratio ( 1/2 concentrate, 1/2 boiling water).  A one-to-three ratio is also common, (1/3 concentrate and 2/3 boiling water) but too weak for my preferences. I suggest trying this first and then adding more water if needed.

This will keep for 1 week in the refrigerator and yields about 8 cups of coffee depending on your ratio preferences. You can easily double this recipe.

I'm off today for a nice weekend getaway in Bachelor Gulch/Vail where I can unwind, eat fabulous food and love on my husband. Get yo minds out-a da gutta. Danielle, do yoga-latte moms like to talk ghetto every now and again? My flavor sure does.


  1. HAHA!!! LOVE IT!! Can't wait to try this cold press business. Have a fantastic trip, see you next week I'm sure for a very "yoga-latte mom" date. Perhaps bike ride and mambos lunch on the deck? ;) Also, I would say y-l moms all have there own flair, yours just happens to talk ghetto!

  2. Wow makes me want to drink coffee.
    Sounds good!

  3. I LOVE this post! I hope when I have kids that I'll be a yoga-latte mom. That is the best term!

  4. I've never heard about cold pressed coffee! I'm so trying it, though.

    Y'all are TOTAL Yoga-Latte moms. The stuff she post on Facebook? Hikes and coffee dates and cocktails?! Yep. Legit Y-L's.