Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Homemade Sign-Language Valentines


No recipe here today. Just some sweet pictures of my oldest girl helping my youngest girl make some homemade valentines for her class tomorrow.

Olivia has special needs (Angelmans Syndrome - see my friends and family page) and goes to a school that integrates typical children with special needs children. These valentines were perfect for her class, don't you think? Olivia can't talk, so she uses signs and although she can't actually sign "I love you", she would if she could -especially to Emmit, her "boyfriend" who has Down's Syndrome and is the cutest little boy you've ever seen. She really does have an affinity for Emmit, and I do too, and Emmit's mom once told me that he had eyes for Olivia, so yeah, it's unofficially officially her "boyfriend." You know how these preschool romances work.

Emmit and Olivia
Livy and Emmit

Big sister helping little sister make the Valentines


We slipped cute pink lollipops through a slit in sturdy paper and Isabella traced a hand and proceeded to cut it out 12 times and color them all. Melted my heart.


Tomorrow is Valentines Day and as if it couldn't get any better already, it's also the day we go in for our 20 week baby appointment for our ultrasound! We're taking the kids and finding out together. Be looking for a gender reveal post next week! I'm not excited at all.