Tuesday, May 28, 2013

DIY S'mores Bar

DIY S'mores Platter

So what has been going on over here you ask? A 34 week doctors appointment for baby, a meeting with four 5th grade girls to figure out how to make a cardboard boat for "the cardboard classic" (a school project), watching my friend Melissa's kids so her husband could take her on a date, an end of the year kindergarten picnic at Whistler Park for Jeremiah, a bike race in Gunnison for my athlete husband, and a 5th grade band concert for Isabella. I was warned the band might not be in the best shape.

DIY S'mores Platter

Not sure how I was going to "perpere" myself since this is not actually a word.

I may be the rudest mom ever. I know. But I love her, and she won't read this until she's at least 16 and we can deal with it then. She plays trombone, by the way. Reluctantly.

PS. They were actually pretty good! It would have been better if I could have actually seen my daughter playing her instrument. She was in the back row. Hidden. I kept my eye on Riley who was front and center, and I don't even know Riley that well. So really, I listened and watched a random kid play the flute. That's how it went down.

It's amazing how when your kids get older your calendar seriously fills up like magic. Not because you are making plans but because there is just a lot of stuff going on.  Oh yeah, middle school orientation just happened too. I'm not ready for that crap.

You know what I am ready for? Summer! Not that's it's going to be any less busy because it won't. In fact my summer is looking to be fuller, but I just love the flexibility it provides. I really miss our fire pit when the nights start to warm up. We made a habit at the end of our long weekend summer days to build a fire and roast s'mores or dough boys under the stars.


Dough Boys are when we take a biscuit from a can of biscuit dough and stretch it out and wrap it tightly around a stick slightly overlapping each wind. You'll end up with a cylinder shape of dough about 4 inches long. When you place it over the fire, it bakes and puffs and when done can easily be slid off the end of the stick. Then, you roll it in melted butter (the fire melts the butter in one of those disposable foil containers) and then in another foil container of cinnamon sugar. It's good, I'm not gonna lie.

DIY S'mores Platter

We did it just as a family a lot of nights, but we also had people over to partake. This is where the ingenious idea of a s'mores bar comes in handy. People can pick which chocolate they want and customize to their hearts desire. I realize this is not a "recipe" but it's a dang good idea, yes?

DIY S'mores Bar
adapted from Pinterest

Graham crackers (you can use different varieties of these too such as the cinnamon sugar)
Different varieties of chocolate (dark, milk, white, oreo hersheys bars, milk almond chocolate, etc)

Arrange on a platter and voila!